Pakistan Modern Weapon Detection Radar

Weapon Locating Radars (WLR) are primarily used to detect and locate enemy Artillery units by tracking the trajectory of incoming rounds.

They can also provide fire correction of friendly artillery units. WLRs usually can also track mortar shells and unguided rockets. Some WLRs also have limited missile tracking and Air Defence capabilities.

This is the corps that deals with the cannons. The soldiers from this corps fight with the cannons. They are also called the gunners. The artillery provides the firepower to the infantry.

One can conclude the decision of the battle just by its artillery power because it results in a great destruction of the enemy.

In today’s world, the artillery is not limited to only cannons. With the passage of time, the artillery is now dealing with the firepower of the missiles.

It can fire the missiles in the range of up to 2500 km. It can fire deep inside the enemy territory apart from the front line fires. It operates along with the infantry corps like armored corps.

Pakistan Modern Weapon Detection Radar  copy

AN/TPQ-36 Firefinder is a mobile radar system manufactured by Hughes Aircraft (later acquired by Raytheon). The system is a “weapon-locating radar”, designed to detect and track incoming artillery and rocket fire to determine the point of origin for counterbattery fire.

The cannon commander observes the enemy posts and then allows its soldiers to fire at the given target. The famous General Musharraf belonged to this corps of artillery.

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