Pakistan becomes 4th Country who develop Thermal Imaging Sights

Pakistan based company Shibli who made these thermal imaging sights and other imaging devices like night vision scopes and thermal sights including binocular etc. Designed to greatly increase a soldier’s operational awareness by providing crisp visuals from deep in the battlefield, the TARSIER is one of the most advance thermal weapon sights available today. An advanced 17 µm uncooled thermal core makes target acquisition simple and effective, regardless of conditions and obscurants. Mountable on a military standard Picatinny rail, the TARSIER is a soldier’s ideal choice for a range of weapons from assault rifles to light and heavy machine guns, sniper rifles and more.

. State-of-the-art uncooled 640 x 480 detector
. Lightweight and compact
. Ruggedized and always ready to use
. Simple and ergonomic controls
. Electronic zoom
. High resolution color OLED micro display
. Built-in inclinometer
. Digital bore sighting
. Fire control calculation
. More than 8 hours operating time with one standard AA battery pack (4 batteries)


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