Pakistan captured 4 Afghan’s Check Posts and other are burnt

According to the Social Media and Pakistan Defense Pakistan army has captured Afghan’s check posts and few posts are burnt. Afghan Army left the battle field. Pakistan has deployed 25 Tanks on Torkham Borders and local have seen some Cobra Gun Ship helicopters heading toward Torkham Border. According to some local Facebook pages Pakistan Army considering to use Air Force as well to take a serious step against Afghanistan Army and RAW funded soldiers.

Afghanistan’s Foreign Ministry (MoFA) on Tuesday said that the continuation of clashes in Torkham is not in Pakistan’s interests and Islamabad should stop violating the existing agreement.

“The best way to address the issue is through diplomatic ways,” said MoFA spokesman Shekib Mustaghni.

One of the key agreement’s between Kabul and Islamabad is that no military activities will take place in zero line (no man’s land) on the Durand Line. Kabul believes Islamabad violated this agreement.

A number of political analysts said that the Afghan government must lodge a complaint with the United Nations over these violations.

“Border problems existed in the past and every time Pakistan violates the agreement, the government should address the issue through diplomatic ways,” said Mohammad Natiqi a political analyst.

Clashes broke out Saturday in the Torkham area when Pakistani border forces allegedly started building a new installation at the gate. Afghan border forces took action to stop this.

Afghan officials said that the Pakistani military wanted to construct another gate in zero line. Clashes between the two sides then broke out.

The usually bustling town was however on Tuesday a virtual ghost town with no civilians to be seen. The crossing has been closed for two days.

The Afghan government has meanwhile called on Pakistan to stop violating the existing border agreements.

“We ask Pakistan to implement the agreement and the agreement should not be violated,” Mustaghni added.

Afghan Upper House on Tuesday also discussed the Afghan-Pakistan border clash.

“People should stand beside their security forces. All our criticism against Pakistan has not resulted in anything,” said Fazl Hadi Muslimyar, speaker of the Upper House.

“This issue should be solved through diplomatic ways, war cannot solve the issue,” said Jumadin a senator.

This comes after Pakistani border police recently closed the border gate to Afghans without visas.

torkham border clash between pak afghan army

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