Pakistan have more than $200 Billion Gold Reserves

Reko Diq, which actually means sandy peak in the local language and is the name of an ancient volcano, has long been known as one of Pakistan’s most mineral-rich regions, with a string of gold mines, copper mines and shale gas reserves.

A small part of this area falls in Afghanistan too.

Reko Diq is Pakistan’s largest gold mine and there are some amazing facts you might not know about it.

  • It is world’s 5th biggest Gold Mine
  • It has more than 54 million tons of Gold
  • It spreads over 100 kilometers
  • It is worth more than US$ 2 Trillion
  • It was leased to BHP, an Australian Company in 1994
  • BHP sold those mining rights to Thethyan Copper Company in 2004 as the company had rights to export every ounce of gold without involving State Bank of Pakistan or any other 3rd party
  • This company had captured 400 kilometers of area for mining
  • It was a non-auditable zone
  • It has copper and other natural reserves
  • It has world’s 2nd largest reserve of Shale Gas (petrol alternative)
  • It was given back to the Government of Balochistan in 2013


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