Pakistan Installed Warheads In The Missiles, Large Reserves Of Nuclear Weapons

Pakistan Installed Warheads In The Missiles, Large Reserves Of Nuclear Weapons.

Project ROSE (Retrofit Of Strike Element), was a program initiated by the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) for the upgrades of the military avionics and electronics system of its aging Dassault Aviation– built Mirage fighter jets.The program focused on modernization of military avionics and on-board computer system of Mirage IIIE and the Mirage V supplied by French SAGEM and the Italian SELEX consortiums, as part of the program.

Conceived in 1992 by the PAF, the program started in 1995 on main considerations of retiring the A–5 Fantan from active service. The PAF began its procurement of second-hand Mirage fighters from Australia, Lebanon, Libya, and Spain at the price range within the MoD’s fund. Over 90% of the aircraft were retrofitted at the Aeronautical Complex in Kamra; few were upgraded in France.From 1996–2000, several Mirage IIIE and Mirage 5 were bought from the other countries and were upgraded under this program at the Aeronautical Complex. Further considerations for upgrades were recommended but the program was terminated due to increasingly combined costs of the spare parts and the conditions of the second–hand airframes of the Mirage IIIE and Mirage V at the time of their procurement from various countries.

The PAF is expecting for all of its modified Mirage fighter jets to be remain in the combat service beyond 2010, in which all Mirage fighter jets are being replaced by the JF–17 Thunder by 2020.




Ground attack armament consists normally of two 30 mm DEFA 552A guns in fuselage, each with 125 rounds of incendiary, high-explosive or armour-piercing ammunition, and two 454 kg (1,000 lb) bombs, or an AS 30 air-to-surface missile under the fuselage and 454 kg (1,000 lb) bombs under the wings. Total external load, on five hardpoints 4,000 kg (8,818 lb). Alternative underwing stores include combined tank/bomb carriers, each with 500 litres (132 US gallons; 110 Imp gallons ) of fuel and 907 kg (2,000 lb) of bombs; JL-100 pods, each with 250 litres (66 US gallons; 55 Imp gallons) of fuel and 18 rockets; jettisonable underwing fuel tanks. For interception duties, one Matra R.530 air-to-air missile can be carried under fuselage, with optional guns and two Matra Magic missiles.

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