Pakistan Is An Invincible Country, Amazing Report On Pakistan’s Assets And Power

Pakistan Is An Invincible Country, Amazing Report On Pakistan’s Assets And Power.

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The Pakistan military officials consistently maintained that the Ghaznavi program is locally designed and ingeniously built. In 1995, its engine was successfully tested and was said to be a “major break-through in missile development in Pakistan”.
In this video every missile of pakistan is discussed briefly, watch this video.
 The Ghaznavi has a range of 600km with a payload of 500kg and a proper terminal guidance system giving it an accuracy of 0.1%, as the CEP at 600km— a similar to the Indian Prithvi surface to
surface ballistic missile which is at 250km. This meant that Ghaznavi was to be controlled by an on-board computer for accuracy and was not to follow a purely ballistic trajectory.
The main features of Ghaznavi are its two-stage rocket ability for war-head separation, a terminal guidance system and five different types of warheads,
designed by DESTO. Pakistani scientists and engineers who worked on the missile recalled their memories on the development of the Ghaznavi, and maintained that the
“most difficult part of the missile’s development was its computerized guidance system which was developed at the Margalla Electronics and NIE.”
The Ghaznavi was reported to have been test-launched in late September/early October 2003 and was reported to be ready for service in March 2004. Another test launch occurred in late November 2004,

with two more on 9 December 2006 another on 13 February 2008 and 8 May 2010; the 2008 test was believed to have concluded a winter training exercise of Pakistan’s Army Strategic Force Command (ASFC).
In May 2012, one more successful test of the missile was conducted as part of a training exercise.

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