Pakistan is Still in Talk with US to Get 8 F16

Pakistan is still in talk with US officials to get 8 F16 jet fighters for war of terrorism said Defense Minister Asif during his speech in National Assembly. The defence minister’s statement comes days after reports said the US Congress has “stalled” Obama administration’s planned sale of eight new F-16 fighter jets to Pakistan. The move was stalled as lawmakers raised questions about the end use of the combat aircraft and the relationship between the two countries itself.

“Being aware of the importance of F-16 and JF-17 jets in Operation Zarb e Azb and other anti-terrorist operations, the US is committed to supply Pakistan with eight F-16 fighter jets,” the defence minister added.

In October, the Obama administration said it is preparing to sell eight new F-16 fighter jets to Pakistan, an overture intended to bolster a tenuous partnership despite persistent concerns about Islamabad’s ties to elements of the Taliban and quickly expanding nuclear arsenal.

f16 deal

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