Pakistan May Get F16’s in July US Defense Experts

Defense experts in Washington anticipate Pakistan getting the disputed F-16 fighter air crafts by the end of July despite strong opposition from American lawmakers. Experts said that the Obama administration would ultimately succeed in convincing the US Congress that it was in America’s interest to enable Pakistan to buy the aircraft, reports the Dawn. Earlier in 2016, the Obama administration informed Islamabad that it was ready to sell eight F-16 fighter jets to Pakistan.

he US Senate, however, prevented the administration from subsiding the deal, although it endorsed the sale. The White House has warned Congress that its effort to restrict US military assistance to Pakistan would hurt US interests in the region and would “unnecessarily complicate progress” in ties with Pakistan. The defense experts said such statements indicate improvement in relations between the defense establishments of the two countries.

They argue that the Obama administration fears that “bringing too much pressure” on Pakistan may have negative consequences and may also increase anti-American sentiments in the country. Diplomatic observers in Washington pointed out that both sides were being “pragmatic” in seeking to revive their ties.

F16 in July

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