Pakistan Missile System Is In Top 3, America Can’t Develop Missile Like NASR

Dr samar said that pakistan missile system is number one in the world, america can’t develop missile like NASR.

“The fact that Pakistan was making small tactical nuclear weapons was clear to the world from the day Pakistan started its missile programme,” says Pervez Hoodbhoy, a nuclear physicist and independent security analyst based in Lahore.

“It meant that Pakistan had developed low-yield nuclear warheads to be delivered by those missiles at short ranges, in a battlefield, having localised impact, unlike big bombs designed to destroy cities.”

Experts believe that the 2011 testing of the nuclear-capable Nasr missile with a 60km range was an indication that Pakistan was building an arsenal of tactical nuclear weapons for use in a theatre of war.

Hasan Askari Rizvi, a Lahore-based expert on defence and security issues, suspects Pakistan may have designed even smaller nuclear weapons, capable of being shot from a specially-designed gun.

“The Americans apparently know about these weapons, and recent debate in the US media suggests that Pakistan may actually be in possession of tactical weapons which are greater in number and accuracy than those of India,” he says.

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