Pakistan Must stop Sale of JF-17 Thunders to Myanmar KNO

Kitchen National Organization of Myanmar KNO said Pakistan must stop sale of JF-17 Thunders to Myanmar. As Myanmar has become the first country to purchase JF-17 Thunder fighting jets from Pakistan. It will buy 16 jets in the first phase while Pakistan is interested in selling over 2 dozen jets, reported Dunya News on Thursday.

According to the agreement, Pakistan will provide services for looking after the jets as well. Both the countries had started talks on purchase of these jets in March. Sources told that negotiations are being held with other countries as well for the sale of JF-17 Thunder jets.

Mr. David President of KNO explains that Myanmar Government can use these jet fighters against us and other Militant groups so this sale must be stopped on any cost.

As Myanmar was the first country who was willing to buy Pakistani made JF-17 Thunders.

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