Pakistan Submarine Destroyed Indian Navy Ship in 1971 War

During Pak Indo 1971 war Pakistani Submarine launched a Torpedo and destroyed Indian Navy Ship and it result in killing of 194 Indian navy soldiers. It was Pakistan’s Agosta 90b firing a torpedo and french Exocet missile at Indian destroyer.Type Medium-range anti-ship missile Place of origin France Service history In service 1979 Production history Manufacturer MBDAs division Aerospace Specifications Weight 670 kg Length 4.7 m Diameter 34.8 cm Warhead 165 kg  Engine solid propellant engine Wingspan 1.1 m Operational range 70-180 km Flight altitude Sea-skimming Speed 315 ms 1134 Kmh Guidance system Inertial and active radar Launch platform multi-platform MM38 surface-launched AM39 air-launched SM39 submarine-launched MM40 surface-launched.
Pakistan Submarine Destroyed Indian Navy Ship in 1971 WarPak Indo War 1971


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