Pakistan to Inlcude 100 JF-17 Thunders Block 3 up to 2018

As Production of JF-17 Thunders Block 3 already begin in 2016 but no official news arrive yet the confirmation of Block 3 production.  JF-17 is the only modern day lightweight fighter providing world class performance at low operating expenditures.

This advanced fighter will be poised as a lower budget alternative for countries gearing up for the 21st century Net Centric Warfare Environment, especially for those who cannot afford the massive price tags of other similarly performing fighters. The fourth prototype saw major design upgrades, indicating that the capabilities required by the PAF for a baseline fighter had increased significantly. This prototype emerged as a potent BVR platform capable of undertaking precision strike, escort, interdiction, air patrol, reconnaissance and ant-ship roles. It can operate in dense, hostile electronic warfare environment thus ensuring the provision of deterrence against existing and future threats.

The JF-17 evolved into a fighter with advanced aerodynamic features such as diverter-less supersonic inlets (DSI). DSI improved the performance, reduced weight and cut down the frontal radar cross section (RCS) of the fighter. Large Leading edge extension provided higher angle of attack and more lift to the mid mounted wings. It has impressive instantaneous and sustained turn rates. The flight control surfaces are operated by a computerized flight control system (FCS).The fighter has digital quad-redundant Fly-by-wire (FBW) system in the pitch axis and dual-redundant FBW system in the roll and yaw axis

It’s enhanced man-machine interface, advanced cockpit layout and good all round field of view reduce the work load of the pilot thus providing greater operational effectiveness. The pilot can access vital cockpit functions and fly the fighter without having to remove his hands from throttle and flight control.



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