Pakistan will build Gate on Torkham Border ISPR

During recent firing incident and border clash at Torkham now ISPR officially said we will build gate at any cost to stop the terrorists entering in Pakistan.

Afghan forces again fired at Pakistani positions at Torkham on Monday when the Pakistanis restarted work on the construction and re-installation of the border gate, sources said.

The Afghans reportedly used mortars to target the Bacha Maina village close to the Pak-Afghan border. However, no casualty was reported.The reinforced Pakistani forces at the border returned fire. The Pakistan Army had earlier sent reinforcements to Torkham backed by tanks and other heavy weapons to deter the Afghan authorities from attacking Pakistan’s border installations. The soldiers were in the lead as they took positions on the border while the paramilitary forces and the Khassadars were holding the second line of defence.

Two girls, a Frontier Corps soldier and some Khassadars were among the 13 Pakistanis who were earlier injured in late Sunday firing by the Afghan forces on the Pakistani security personnel when they were installing a gate at the Torkham border crossing, sources said.

A senior Pakistani official, on condition of anonymity, told The News that the incident took place when Pakistan’s border forces were busy in reinstalling the Torkham border gate that had been removed in 2004 when the Pakistan-funded Torkham-Jalalabad Road was being built.

He said Afghan border officials reacted angrily and exchanged harsh words with the Pakistanis who were busy putting up the steel gate. The Afghan government doesn’t recognise the Durand Line as an international border and skirmishes have broken out at Torkham in the past as well whenever Pakistan took steps to strengthen border management. Recently, the Afghan soldiers cocked their guns while threatening Pakistanis doing fencing work inside Pakistani territory at Torkham and Pakistan reacted by closing the border for nearly four days.

The sources said the personnel of the Afghanistan National Army (ANA) and Afghan border police took positions and resorted to unprovoked firing at Pakistani installations Sunday night. They added that various positions near Torkham inside Pakistan and the border village of Bacha Maina were targeted with light and heavy guns.

Torkham border firing

Torkham Border clash torkham

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