Pakistani Army Is Always Active In War

Cold Start is a military doctrine developed by the Indian Armed Forces to put to use in case of a war with Pakistan.

The main objective of the Cold Start Doctrine is to launch a retaliatory conventional strike against Pakistan inflicting significant harm on the Pakistan Army before any international community could intercede, but not in way Pakistan would be provoked to make a nuclear attack.

Cold Start Doctrine deviated from India’s defense strategy since 1947 – “a non-aggressive, non-provocative defense policy,” – and will involve limited, rapid armored thrusts, with infantry and necessary air support.

ndian Army’s official stance was denying the existence of the Cold Start Doctrine. However, a “proactive strategy” being in place have been confirmed by the officials.

According to the Cold Start Doctrine, battle Groups will be well forward from existing garrisons. India’s elite strike forces will no longer sit idle waiting for the opportune moment, giving Pakistan the luxury of time.

AfPak (or Af-Pak) was a neologism used within US foreign policy circles to designate Afghanistan and Pakistan as a single theater of operations. The neologism reflects the policy approach introduced by the Obama administration, which regarded the region of Afghanistan and Pakistan as having a single, dominant political and military situation that required a joint policy in the War on Terror.

But Indian dreams and efforts gone all in vein. They have no match Pakistan ISI and army. Pakistan army is most active and bravest army on the world.




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