Pakistani Engineers Made Hamza Is The Most Advance APC in The World

A private Pakistani company Blitzkrieg Defense, have developed the new HAMZA 8×8 multi-role combat vehicle and plans to publicly unveil at 9th International Defence Exhibition and Seminar (IDEAS).

The HAMZA is a multi-purpose 8×8 armoured vehicle in the category of MRAP (Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected).

HAMZA can be used as a platoon strength troop carrier, 14 dismounts and a commander and driver and can also be configured as a command and control platform, forward observation vehicle or in a convoy support role.

The vehicle features a V-shaped wall monocoque armored hull design and offers advanced protection features and superior off-road mobility and can operate in urban, mountainous and difficult rural terrains.

The vehicle has a wheelbase 8×8  and a maximum operating weight of 15 tonnes.

The vehicle is protected to Level 4 STANAG 4569 and can be fitted with additional ceramic and composite add-on armor plates.

Second, procuring from Blitzkrieg would be in line with the Ministry of Defence Production (MoDP) and armed forces’ mandate of sourcing internally.

In fact, a substantive Hamza MCV order could end up being the largest ever defence order made to the Pakistani private sector.


In addition to incentivizing Blitzkrieg to continue with in-house initiatives, but it would also trigger activity from the wider private sector.

In turn, this could draw the interest of overseas vendors which may be interested in accessing the Pakistani market, which could potentially result in investment in Pakistan (e.g. in the form of joint-ventures looking to secure current and future armed forces requirements).

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