Pakistani passport ranked second worst in world

The Pakistani passport is still ranked second on the list of worst passports in the world, just above Afghanistan, according to this year’s Passport Index .

It enjoys visa-free access to only six countries. The list of countries for which Pakistani passport holders need a visa to travel now also includes Afghanistan.

Just above Pakistan is Iraq with visa-free access to 28 countries, while Syria, currently a war-zone, ranks 92. Despite the Israel-Palestinian conflict, Palestine sits seven spots above Pakistan.

Germany ranked number one on the index with 157 points, while Sweden and Singapore secured the second spot with 156 points. France, Spain, United Kingdom, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Switzerland and the United States ranked third on the index. Meanwhile, Pakistan’s neighbour India ranked 78 on the list, with a score of 46 and Iran ranked 88 with 36 points.


Pakistani passport holders are allowed visa-free entry into the following countries:

1. Dominica

2. Haiti

3. Micronesia

4. St. Vincent and the Grenadines

5. Trinidad and Tobago

6. Vanuatu

Pakistani passport holders can get a visa on arrival for the following countries:

1. Cambodia

2. Cape Verde

3. Comoros

4. Djibouti

5. Guinea-Bissau

6. Kenya

7. Madagascar

8. Maldives

9. Mauritania

10. Mozambique

11. Nepal

12. Nicaragua

13. Palau

14. Samoa

15. Seychelles

16. Tanzania

17. Timor-Leste

18. Togo

19. Tuvalu

20. Uganda

21. Dominica

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