Pakistani SSG Commandos Mission In Afghanistan

Almost all of the countries in the world form a special operations force within their militaries, in order to cope with any unprecedented threat or situation. Pakistan also has a special operations force, known as the Special Services Group (SSG), which was ranked among the ten best special forces of the world, by an international journal Armed Forces Museum.

Whether these are the dead-cold glaciers of Siachin or immeasurable depths of the sea, Pakistan’s SSG commandos never let their target escape. The SSG comprises of personnel from all the three military services, Pakistan Army, Pakistan Navy and the Pakistan Air Force, who are trained extensively to deal with a kind of situation, never witnessed before and they have always kept up their reputation by not letting the country down under any circumstances.

These lion-hearted sons of the soil have always proven their metal during numerous covert and overt operation.

According to the international journal ‘Armed Forces History Museum’, Pakistan’s Special Services Group (SSG) has got an edge over the special forces of several countries of the world due to its special operations, counter-terrorism, rescue of hostages, foreign as well as internal defense, direct action and for probing of sensitive matters.

The international journal declared Pakistan’s SSG to be at par with the US Green Berets and Britain’s SAS, which surely holds the capability of making possible, an impossible mission anywhere in the world.

Pakistan’s SSG known as the ‘Black Storks’ worldwide, is a division sized group headed by a Major-General and divided into ten battalions, the actual strength of which is classified.

The SAS of Britain topped the ranking, while US Navy SEAL Team 6 – DEVGRU secured the second slot, yet the war-fanatic Indian special force could not even come closer to the list.

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