Pakistani Students Invent 3 in 1 Nextgen Car

A group of students invented 3 in 1 hybrid, solar and gasoline car. The smart car is getting viral on social media. A group of Pakistani students working hard day and night to invent a smart car and they have experimented successfully. The car run on fuel, hybrid batteries and solar energy as well. They have installed a 175cc small engine but due to light weight of the car it runs very fast and save fuel and energy cost.

These students are hoping to introduce this car on commercial level in future after designing a better and attractive exterior and design of the car. This smart car have 2 solar panels installed on top roof and it store energy into batteries.

We can say this small smart car is fully cost efficient and save a lot of fuel. And it will help in future for the designers and engineers to utilize the model and design the same car which runs on fuel, solar energy and hybrid batteries.

We don’t know much more details about this 3 in 1 smart car but after getting more information we will share with our audience and readers.

3 in 1 car made in pakistan


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