Pakistan’s ICBM Shaheen 3

As we already told you Pakistan has successfully fired tested Shaheen 3 Ballistic Missile having range of 2750 Kilometers but according to expert’s opinion Shaheen 3 have more than 5000 Kilometer range and it may be a ICBM Inter Continental Ballistic Missile. As Pakistan is afraid of United States of America can create financial problems and talk about decreasing range of missiles already done by the United States with Pakistan. This is the reason behind telling the wrong range of this missile because Pakistan’s Shaheen 2 already tested and it has range of 2750 Kilometers.

The Shaheen-III is a land-based surface-to-surface medium range ballistic missile, which was test fired for the first time by military service on 9 March 2015.

Development began in secrecy in early 2000s in response to India’s Agni-III, Shaheen was successfully tested on 9 March 2015 with 2750 km (1700 mi) range– a range of up to 1700mi, which could enable it all corners of India and reach deep into the Middle East parts of North Africa and Southern Europe.


Shaheen 3 ICBM

shaheen 3 icbm 2

The Shaheen program is composed of the solid-fuel system in a contrast to Ghauri program that is primarily based on liquid-fuel system. With the successful launch of the Shaheen’, it surpasses the range of Shaheen-II— hence it is the longest-range missile to be launched by the military.

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