Pakistan’s tool of war: Why the Mi-35 Hind-E is an excellent choice

Excellent choice for Pakistan

The Mi-35 will be an excellent addition to the attack helicopter fleet flown by Pakistan Army Aviation.

With ageing AH-1 Cobras, Army Aviation was in need for more modern combat helicopters. Although only four Mi-35s have been ordered, they will form the backbone of a more modern attack helicopter wing, and the possibility always exist for further orders in the future.

The troop carrying ability of the Hind-E can also be used in a number of ways. For one, the helicopter can be used to insert Special Service Group (SSG) personnel onto dominating heights in our current areas of operation, from where they can provide vital surveillance on surrounding areas or provide covering fire to other elements manoeuvring in the valleys below.


Indian reservations that the acquisition of the Mi-35 will alter the balance of power in the region are absurd, for a country that has recently worked out the acquisition of AH-64 Apache gunships from the US; four helicopters will not make a difference in the larger scheme of things.

On the other hand, Pakistan will benefit greatly, and Army Aviation will have sharpened its talons further.

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