Pervez Musharraf Bashed Indian News Anchor Badly

In an exclusive interview with India Today, Pakistan’s former president Gen Pervez Musharraf today supported trial of Kulbhushan Jadhav saying he is sure that the ISI has evidence against the former Indian naval officer.

“Sitting here in Washington I certainly don’t know what is the evidence available. I am very sure evidence must be available with the ISI. They may not have shared it with you but I am sure they will share it in the future,” Musharraf said.

He refuted India’s stand that Jadhav was a retired naval commander and instead claimed he was working for the RAW.

“He didn’t retire. He went into RAW, he joined your intelligence agency,” he said adding that he was based in Chabahar which “is the ideal place for intruding” into Balochistan.

General Musharraf Also Bashed Indian News Anchor Badly During His Live Session.

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