Portable Australian Air Conditioner Available in Pakistan

Pakistanis have trouble dealing with the summer heat. Not only are summers extremely hot in most of the country, frequent power cuts make them worse. Even with air conditioning systems, loadshedding nullifies the cooling effect. An Australian company has a product that is tailor-made for the Pakistani market. An added bonus, it is already available via some online retailers.

The portable and energy efficient AC is developed by Close Comfort. The company was founded in 2007 and has been selling its products in other countries for the past few years. They are just entering the Pakistani market, which has been their target since the beginning.

The Story Behind Close Comfort’s Portable AC

An Australian Professor, James Trevelyan, loves Pakistani mangoes. His love for the fruit brought him to Pakistan. During his stay here, he had to face the same issues any common Pakistani faces, i.e. loadshedding and mosquitoes. That’s the moment when an idea popped into his mind.

James though of making an AC which can work in Pakistani conditions, save on electricity and prevent mosquitoes. His idea survived multiple experiments, iterations and failures. The result? An AC which consumes only 320 Watts of electricity, can run on UPS or solar power and keep a person cool indoors and outdoors.

The solution to a problem faced every year by over 200 million years was solved by a foreigner after a short stay in the Pakistan.

portable air conditioner in Pakistan portable air conditioner

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