Russia And Pakistan To Enhance Cooperation In Aviation Industry

Pakistan and Russia on Saturday has agreed to enhance bilateral cooperation in aviation industry while Pakistan Air Force (PAF) Chief Sohail Aman said that Pakistan and Russia needed operational exercises, reported Dunya News.

PAF Chief paid a visit to Moscow and inspected state-of-the-art fighter jets, military equipment and also visited aviation industry.

He said that Pakistan and Russia needed operational exercises as both the countries will get to learn from each other’s experiences which could increase air warfare capabilities.

Aman also met his Russian counterpart and discussed matters of mutual interest and agreed to enhance bilateral cooperation. Both the leaders also agreed to increase cooperation in the aviation industry.

PACRussia And Pakistan To Enhance Cooperation In Aviation Industry


Pakistan–Russia relations or Russo-Pakistani relations refers to the bilateral, historical, cultural, and international relations between the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and the Russian Federation. The Soviet Union and Pakistan first established the diplomatic and bilateral relations on 1 May 1948.

For the most of the Cold War, the Soviet Union relations with Pakistan have seen ups and downs during the different periods of Pakistan’s history. In 1947-50s, Soviet Union enjoyed

relatively healthy and strong relations with Pakistan when it was under the civilian control but the relations went ultimately cold soon after the U.S.-backed 1958 military coup d’état,

although attempts to warm the relations were made after the 1965 Indo-Pakistan war and in the mid 1970s, the relations were quickly improved and warmed.

In response to ongoing Soviet support to communist Afghanistan regarding the Durand Line issue during the late 1970s and 1980s, Pakistan began to support Mujahideen rebels attempting to

overthrow the Soviet-backed communist regime and was later aided by the United States, United Kingdom, China and Saudi Arabia. This later led to the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan.

Due to rapidly shifting global geopolitical interests spurred by the end of the Cold War and the ongoing U.S.-led War on Terror, Pakistani public opinion towards Russia has fluctuated in recent years, with

18% viewing Russia favorably in 2007, falling to 11% in 2011 and rising to 20% in 2012, and according to the BBC World Service Poll, 9% of Pakistanis view Russian influence positively in 2010, 14% in 2011, falling to 12% in 2012, and increasing to 18% in 2013.


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