Russia Refused to Share Stealth Technology with India

In 2007 India and Russia signed an agreement for PAF T50 Stealth jet fighters and stealth technology but RT news channel claimed that Russian officials refused to share any stealth technology to India and it will remain classified.

et Jane’s Defense Weekly notes that despite of this, many problems remain: “Enduring Indian reservations over the FGFA program include those over the fighter’s AL-41F1 engine and its stealth and weapon-carrying capability. India is also insistent on Russia restoring its workload in the USD10.5 billion developmental program after recently reducing it from 25 percent to 13 percent without consulting Delhi.” India Today notes that New Delhi is paying 50 percent of the projected costs.

The Russian Air Force is set to receive the derivative version of the FGFA, the Sukhoi T-50 PAK FA, this year. According to International Business Times, Russia will field 55 T-50 jets over the next four years. According to other media reports, the PMF will include combat avionics, stealth, super-cruise, and sensors improvements over the T-50 PAK FA.

Without additional delays, the PMF will be introduced into the Indian Air Force by 2022. Russia is expected to build 250 FGFAs, while India downgraded its initial purchasing size from 200 to 144 planes in 2012 at an estimated total cost of $ 30 billion. However, this number may rise due to China’s development of the J-20 and J-31 fifth generation fighters. More than 60 percent of India’s military platforms are Russian in origin.

PAF Russian T50

Russia refused T50 to India

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