Shahid Afridi’s tweet for Peace Indian Media Mocks

No matter how ferocious and fierce Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi may appear on the field, at heart he is a pacifist.

Former Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi asked both India and Pakistan to maintain peace and say no to war in these times of heightening tensions after the Indian army claimed to have conducted surgical strikes along the LoC border in Kashmir, a claim strongly refuted by Pakistan as “falsified and concocted”.

“Pakistan is a peace loving nation,y talk abt extreme measures when things can be resolved through dialogues. ”

Speaking up about the current border tensions, Boom Boom Afridi took to Twitter to air his views to the nation and others, following suit after Shaan Shahid took to his Facebook account and called forPakistani artists to openly support the Pakistani troops after a strange silent had befallen most, seeing how the Indians were supporting theirs.

While many saw Shahid Afridi’s tweets in good taste and sense, others mocked it as a pathetic attempt at “begging for peace”.

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