Slogans Of “Sikh Wants Azadi From India” Raised In Ludhiana, India

Slogans Of “Sikh Wants Azadi From India” Raised In Ludhiana, India.

Ludhiana, Punjab, India Re-asserting that Sikhs want complete freedom from India, the Dal Khalsa on Indian Independence day staged a spirited protest against the atrocities, political subjugation and denial of right to self determination in the last seven decades.

Hundreds of activists of Dal Khalsa along with representatives of various religio-political Sikh bodies held a two hour demonstration at Ludhiana bridge.

On this day, we reiterate and emphasize our historical aspiration of self rule and self-determination, said Advocate Cheema.

Another leader H S Dhami said the flagrant manner in which desecration and vandalism of Guru Granth Sahib takes place and continues unabatedly, raises the pitch of our anger and angst uncontrollably.

Dal Khalsa spokesperson Kanwar Pal Singh said Sikhs and Kashmiris were not alone in this crisis of identity in India. Religious minorities, regional identities and the Dalits continue to be divested of their fundamental rights.

Significantly, the international community has been responding only in situations of armed struggle but maintaining a deafening silence about state violence. Unfortunately international forums unabashedly ignore the democratic and peaceful struggle of the Sikhs and Kashmirid turn a blind eye to the misery, pain and violation of their human rights.

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Referring to the speech of the President on the eve of Indian Independence Day asking the govt to strictly stop the atrocities on minorities and Dalits, AISSF head Karnail Singh Peermohammad said such sermons were nothing but annual lip service of Indian leadership.

Ironically, nothing changes on ground, said he.The groups that participated in the demonstration includes Akhand Kirtani Jatha, Sikh Students Federation and Sikh Youth of Punjab

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