Tactical Training of Saudi Army by Pakistan SSG Commandos

With constant threats at their doorsteps, ISIS, Israel, Christianity, Women’s Lib rights activists and Exxon; The Saudis have decided to step it up a notch.

“We must be prepared for anything and everything” one Saudi General said. “We would have used some ‘Chuck Norris’ films, but we are afraid his beard would declare Jihad on all of the Saudi kingdom.” he went on to say.

To demonstrate all they have learned from the Martial arts master of cinema, members of Saudi security forces have been spotted demonstrating their considerable skills during a military exercise in the desert west of Riyadh in Saudi Arabia.

One astonishing image appears to show two men wearing black balaclavas and wielding massive guns leaping from the top of two moving police cars.

Another photograph shows a huge explosion in the background as a cavalcade of military jeeps rattle past, and another shows military personnel dangling precariously from ropes attached to helicopters.


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