Terror alert issued as Taliban bombers enter Pakistan

Intelligence agencies yesterday issued a chilling warning that banned Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) may carry out attacks in Peshawar and other cities of Pakistan in the coming days.

According to an alert sent to the Sindh police, intelligence agencies have alerted law enforcement agencies to be extremely vigilant.

It reported that 13 suicide bombers of banned Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) have entered Pakistan from Afghanistan under the command of Commanders Umar Naray and Abu Zafar to undertake sabotage activities against a reputed girls school in Peshawar.

The school has not been specified in the alert.

In addition to schools, terrorists could also hit colleges and universities in other cities in near future.

The likely attacks, they warned, would be more deadly in nature as compared to Kharkhano Market and Charsadda University, KPK attacks.

“In view of the above, cognizance of the situation warrants that heightened security measures may be adopted by LEAs for educational and training institutions (Civil and Army) in order to ward off any eventuality,” it said. .

“Moreover, security of either likely targets (LES/sensitive installations, airports, air base/ public areas etc may be strengthened.

“It is therefore requested to take necessary action into the matter, extreme vigilance and stringent security measures may be exercised to ward off any untoward incident.”

terror alert in pakistan

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