The Story of Submarine Ghazi the Mystery Resolved

USS Diablo Tench Class PNS Submarine Ghazi the Mystery Resolved During 1971 conflict PNS Ghazi sailed out of Karachi in Bay of Bengal on 14th November and the commander was Zaffar Mohammed khan. The objective of Ghazi deployment was to locate and damage Indian Navy carrier INS Vikrant. Ghazi was the only submarine with huge range and endurance which could cover increased Indian naval activities around East Pakistan. Ghazi was given instruction and a report was expected from it on 26th November but unfortunately the communication could not be established with it.

Naval headquarters got very curious about the Ghazi and started to have doubts about the fate of the submarine. Submarine was given the task of mine laying mission on Visakhapatnam Port, Bay of Bengal. The reason was probably due to high currents in Bay of Bengal. The ill-fated submarine hit a mine it had itself laid down. This tragic incident marked the first time a submarine sank during a war after the Second World War in which 82 crew-members embraced Shahaddat.

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