Torkham Border Pakistan Army Fighting Exclusive Video

Torkham Border Pakistan Army Fighting Exclusive Video. The week-long conflict between Pakistan and Afghanistan at Torkham brought to the fore deep-rooted issues that continue to plague relations between the two South Asian neighbors.

The events that led to the impasse at Torkham, the most frequented crossing point between the two countries, are straightforward enough.

Operation Zarb-e-Azab in Fata has almost reached the culmination point and the next big challenge of the military is to ensure that terrorists that have been pushed over the Pak-Afghan border don’t return and launch attacks inside Pakistan.

To achieve this, there is no other way but to find means to efficiently manage the 2,600km porous Pak-Afghan border.

It is no secret that India maintains an anti-Pakistan presence in Afghanistan and both countries are engaged in fighting proxy wars across the Afghan border.

For Pakistan to defeat the enemy-imposed proxies, it will have to prevent the enemies of the state from freely crossing its western borders.

Efficient management of the Afghan border is the next critical stage of Operation Zarb-e-Azb and the Torkham border crossing is where it has kick-started.

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