Trust restored in state as protector

During a period of two years, Operation Zarb-e-Azb has not only achieved more than 90 per cent of its set military targets but also restored the public confidence in the state that is now being seen as a fatherly figure capable of providing protection to its citizens from all directions.

The credit certainly goes to the brave and intelligent leadership, rank and file of the Pakistani armed forces and, above all, to the dynamic command of COAS, General Raheel Sharif, for achieving what was being described as something ‘militarily unachievable’ even by the strongest and most organized armies of the advanced, militarily strong world.

No less credit goes to the entire political leadership, especially the parliamentary parties that provided the necessary most political will and resolve and empowered the government of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to stay put about their clear-headed and bold decisions to act effectively against the enemies of humanity, Islam and innocent Pakistani women, children and non-combatants.

In fact, effectiveness in Operation Zarb-e-Azb came from the grand national consensus and single-mindedness among all stakeholders and key institutions including the federal and provincial governments, political parties, Parliament, the Supreme Court and armed forces. The political stakeholders in particular set aside their differences on many issues and joined hands with other stakeholders against terrorists for completely rooting out the menace of terrorism.

The federal government and political parties hammered out a consensus and accorded political ownership to the military campaign, the Parliament passed the requisite amendments in the Constitution and the army law (Army Act), the Supreme Court validated these changes, though with a sunset clause and the armed forces carried out the operation in an exceptional manner. Every institution earned kudos and congratulations for its role.


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