Turkey Air Force F-16 Jet Shoots Down Gunship Helicopter Of Rebels

Turkey Air Force F-16 Jet Shoots Down Gunship Helicopter Of Rebels.

Fighting has intensified in Turkey as forces loyal to President Erdogan shoot down a helicopter from an F-16 fighter jet while the military coup plotters have taken fire on mass crowds throughout Istanbul unleashing a wave of terror.

News services reports that at least 17 police officers have been killed in fire fights against military coup forces in an attempt to stave off the attempt to oust President Erdogan.

This has been confirmed by Turkey’s Anadolou news service.

The people have heeded the government’s call to fight back against the attempt to overthrow the democratically elected President taking to the streets at all costs and engaging in conflict with the military including repeated efforts to seize tanks from armed forces.

The anti-Erdogan military forces have responded with a wave of wanton violence against civilians rolling over pro-Erdogan protesters with tanks, opening fire against civilians with both rifles and tanks, and using helicopters to shoot government loyalists.



nitial reports out of Turkey indicate that the leader of the coup effort has surrendered himself to government forces and that loyalists to the Erdogan government has made advances.

However, images from Turkey show that the anti-Erdogan military forces have the weapons of war at their disposal and have shown themselves willing to use them without regard for life.

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