Turkey To Buy Super MushShak Jet Trainers From Pakistan

The Republic of Turkey has finalised a deal with Pakistan to buy Super Mushak trainers, said a defence production ministry spokesperson.

“The deal is in the last stages of finalisation and is going to be signed very soon,” said Durya Amir, from the ministry of defence production.

Two other defence deals between the two nations are also in the final stages, added the spokesperson.

Development of a fleet tanker for the Pakistan Navy in collaboration with Turkey has also been finalised.

“Launching ceremony of the fleet tanker for the Pakistan Navy is planned for August 2016. The ceremony would be attended dignitaries from both countries,” elaborated the spokesperson.

In a separate deal, an MOU has been signed for the mid-life upgrade of Agosta 90-B submarines of the Pakistan Navy. The upgrades would be undertaken by the Turkish firm STM.

For the past 10 years, Turkey and Pakistan have built a steady foundation for extensive cooperation in a number of different areas related to defence and security.

Not only have the two sides exchanged goods, but they have regularly trained with another in exercises (e.g. Anatolian Eagle and Indus Viper), but the two sides have also signed onto a bilateral pilot training and exchange program in 2015.

The Turkish defence industry is vast and competent, and as such, it offers the Pakistani armed forces many possible areas of armament acquisition and development.

At one point, the Pakistan Army was interested in the T-129 ATAK dedicated attack helicopter, but high costs and America’s unwillingness to pass export clearances for the powerplant pushed the Army away (to acquire the AH-1Z Viper from the U.S. directly).

Turkey To Buy Super MushShak Jet Trainers From Pakistan

In recent months, there have been reports of the Pakistan Army being interested in the Otokar Altay main battle tank (MBT), though it may be more eager to acquire some of the Altay’s subsystems

(e.g. active protection suite) for use on the al-Khalid and possibly forthcoming Haider MBT programs. The Pakistan Army also previously bought towed howitzers from the Turkish armament manufacturer MKEK.

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