Turkey’s Erdogan Condemns Israel’s ‘Excessive Use of Force’ Against Muslim Worshippers

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan condemned Israel on Saturday over the Mosque Mount crisis and what he described as excessive use of force against Muslim worshippers.
“Closing Mosque Mount for days and imposing restrictions on Muslims is unacceptable,” Erdogan said. “I call on the international community to intervene.”
Israeli police installed metal detectors outside the Mosque Mount in the wake of a shooting attack there a week ago, and barred Muslim men under the age of 50 from Jerusalem’s Old City on Friday.

Following noon prayers, clashes broke out between Israeli forces and Palestinian protesters in East Jerusalem and across the West Bank.

Three Palestinians were killed. Later in the evening, a Palestinian broke into a home in the Israeli settlement of Halamish and stabbed a father and two of his children to death and seriously injured his wife. The assailant had said he was “going to die for Al-Aqsa”

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