Two Chinese News Channels Got rights in Pakistan

Two Chinese state television channels have been granted the rights to be viewed in Pakistan via cable networks.

The China Central Television (CCTV) News and the CCTV-9 Documentary Channel were awarded landing rights in Pakistan on Thursday by the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (Pemra).

The local agent of both the Chinese networks is the Pakistan Television Foundation which is responsible for the distribution and marketing of these channels and will be held accountable for any objection or complaint against them.

After the landing rights were awarded, Chinese Ambassador Sun Weidong said Pakistan and China have enjoyed a strong friendship for 65 years that had withstood the test of time.

“CCTV broadcasts will let Pakistani viewers know about China in a better manner. CCTV-9 Documentary broadcasts programmes about the history of China,” he said.

He added that the Dosti Channel FM98 was already being broadcast and was playing a key role in further cementing bilateral relationships between the two countries.

The agreement to grant landing rights to the two channels was one of several signed during the Chinese president’s visit to Pakistan in 2015.

Information Secretary Syed Imran Gardezi had termed the agreement of granting rights to the channels a milestone in the relationship between the two countries.

He said the digitalisation of PTV rebroadcast stations was being carried out with cooperation from China and that work on a project in Murree was also ongoing.

CCTV news channel in pakistan

CCTV news channel coming in pakistan

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