Unbelievable And Lethal Training Of SSG Comandos

Unbelievable And Lethal Training Of SSG Comandos.

Commandos are subject to a training period of 9 months overall.Their training mainly consists of counter insurgency,intelligence collection,anti-terrorism operations etc.

The SSG course emphasizes physical conditioning, including a 36-mile march in 12 hours and a five mile run in 45 minutes with full gear.

Only about 5% of recruits make it through to the Pakistan SSG due to the tough nature of the training

course.Although,rigorous,the training skips many other aspects of operations in other arenas such as high altitude,airborne para-trooping.


There are also no corroborating accounts to gauge how effective the training is compared with other co-existing special forces.

The lack of versatility in training arenas of deep-sea submarines,airborne infiltration and extractions etc. are critically crippling to their training quality.

Battle of the hill in Afghanistan:
The SSG had only 100 me in the battle of the hill in afganistan in which they posed as mujahideen and attacked the Russian regiments of spetsnaz there.

They won the battle although the enemy had the elevation of there posts and superior numbers on there side.

In another case only 100 ssgs cleared 3 towns in swat district from 2000 taliban in a matter of 2 days!

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