United States Refused to Give 8 More F16 to Pakistan

As United States was willing to give 8 more F-16 Jet Fighters to Pakistan and agreement was ready but US National congress refused and rejected the bill for this deal. These F-16s are more advance and have more reliable and advance avionic system and radar containing AESA radar (Active Electronically Scanned Array) most advanced radar technology of the 21st Century. While Obama officials are still willing to provide these machines to Pakistan. As Pakistan is still lack of technology and none of the AESA enabled aircraft is present in the inventory and this deal may strengthen the defense of Pakistan and capabilities of Pakistan Air Force PAF.

But Pakistani officials are still in contact with Russia for SU-35 4.5th generation and multi role jet fighters and other options of J11-B , J10 and J-16s are still in consideration.

f16 Pakistan AESA

f16 AESA deal Pakistan

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