What Actually Trump destroyed in MOAB Attack?

In Achin village, about 5 kilometres from the remote and mountainous area where the bomb was dropped, witnesses said the ground shook but homes and shops appeared unaffected.

Resident Qari Mehrajuddin first saw “lightning like a thunder storm” followed by the roar of an explosion, an all-too-familiar sound for residents in Afghanistan’s war-torn Nangarhar province. In reality, the blast was around three miles away, its massive impact bigger than any before seen in the region.

“Last night’s bomb was really huge, when it dropped, everywhere, it was shaking,” said resident Palstar Khan, adding that he believed no civilians in the area were hit.

Mr Khan praised the strike, saying killing IS fighters was a “positive move”.

Two local men, also from Achin village, told RadioFreeEurope that the impact of the bomb was “powerful and horrific”.

“When the bomb exploded, we were shaken, and we wondered what had happened, because it was very big explosion,” one man said.

“We can’t go to the area where it exploded because [the militants] would take us prisoner.

“Our houses were there, but they came and looted everything and now we can’t go there … now their own families live there.”

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