What General Zia Wanted?

When Zia-ul-Haq took the power in his hands, there was a popular conception that every government paid only lip service to Islam and no sincere effort was ever made in this direction; the ruling class had rather resisted the enforcement of Islam. General Zia was aware of such feelings. So, he directed his attention to the taking of practical measure. Thus the following few points can be enumerated in this regard: creation of favorable atmosphere, reforms in information media, ban on obscene adds, contact with Ulama and Mashaikh, eradication of lawlessness, prayer in congregation, respect for Ramazan, better facilities for Hajj, reorientation of education policy, making of International Islamic University Islamabad, enforcement of Hudood ordinance, setting up of Sharia court, sharia bench of Supreme court, Qazi courts, progress towards Islamic economic system, National language and national dress, decisions about Qadianis, enforcement of Sharia ordinance 1988. They are further classified as under:


  1. The government of Zia created such an atmosphere where acting upon Islam was appreciated and opposing Islam was disliked and disapproved. In this regard his personal example played an important role. He himself acted upon Islamic injunctions, performed Umra annually, offered prayers regularly five times and his speeches or the lectures he used to deliver reflected his devotion to Islam.


  1. His first major step was that he introduced reforms in media as media played an important role in creating favorable public opinion for a particular system. The promotion of music and dancing was prohibited and instead reformatory programs were introduced. Azan was aired at prayers time. Hajj rites were broadcast live on television and Hajj sermon could also be heard on radio. For some time T.V programs were stopped altogether during Iftar time to provide calm environment to the Muslims to pray. In addition to that all obscene adds(advertisements) were banned either on television or newspaper.

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